I aim to be at the same time both very serious and quite silly, simple and clever, adult and child. My aim to broadcast a sense of optimism through  my work,  to touch the emotions..the pleasure buttons of the spirit, and chase an instinctive use of positive symbolism.


I work in three areas; large scale public projects, one of a kind ceramics  and playful smaller pieces. My main studio and large kiln is in London. I also work from smaller satellite studios in Provence and Barcelona. Wherever I am I can be contacted using  my email address kate@katemaloneceramics.com


I am motivated by a fascination with clay and with nature. Transforming soft wet clay to fired hard ceramic, then to a shiny glazed surface is addictive. These two fascinations are combined in a book recording 20 years of my work many photos, descriptions  and in depth technical notes - look for "Kate Malone, A Book of Pots" written by myself and Lesley Jackson, published by A and C Black in the UK and Overlook Press in USA.


I do hope you enjoy the site, you are  welcome to contact me with questions, comments or technical notes. I am ready to share my corner of knowledge and to enjoy the field with as many others as possible, best wishes,




For a full CV see www.adriansassoon.com