Adrian Sassoon

All major pieces are exhibited and sold through Adrian Sassoon. Occasionally items priced below £300 are available from my studio. Please email me on to purchase.



Kate Malone recorded her life story with Hawksmoor Hughes as part of the Crafts Lives oral history project run by National Life Stories at the British Library Sound Archive To view this recording on the British Library Sound Archive catalogue, go to, reference C960/83. For information about listening to this recording at the BL, go to



Zandra Rhodes

I have been a huge fan of Zandra, her colour and amazing creations for ever... now, I treasure the fact that we are close friends and Zandra is an inspiration in many ways.



Andrew Logan

Zandra introduced me to Andrew in 1987. Andrews' extraordinary character, the sense of fun, magic, fantasy and possibility in his work and performances make him my guru in work and play. I am honoured to have both Zandra and Andrew as friends.




Steve, who is Ceramatech, has been a patient, reliable supplier for my tools and materials in London for more than 20 years.



Northern Kilns

I have two top loading electric kilns, and a small gas kiln from the family run Northern kilns, and have found them great kilns and very nice people to deal with.



Studio Pottery



The Making

Also, please follow the link below to see our current 'Maker of the Month' feature on Kate Malone Meet the Makers at



These are some of the people I share studio in Barcelona with.



Junko Mori please, one of Kate’s favourite artists.


Held at Aberystwyth Arts Centre on the campus of the University of Wales on the mid-Wales coast, since it began in 1987 the three-day festival has grown to become the UK’s leading ceramics event.





All major pieces are available form Kate’s principal Art Dealer, Adrian Sassoon, see Architectural enquiries please email kate personally on Occasionally smaller items below the price of £300 are available from Kate's London studio, e-mail Kate for information.