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Working on the new mugs. Too many choices! The MADE IN STOKE ON TRENT bone China mugs are a treat to use. Strong but fine. I design some every year or two and have been having them made for 20 years. I sell some from my web site but best of all I am able to give them away to friends and visitors to enjoy a lovely hot cup of tea. #bonechinamugs #bonechinamug #bonechinamugdesigns #ceramics #japaneseinkpen

24th Apr 2019

4th Apr 2019 Awww. Problem with the kiln !!! So hard when it happens. Hasn’t spoiled the bisque thankfully but checks to be made. Not all easy when this happens with a new kiln, or any kiln but it will be sorted and help at hand thanks to great people in Stoke on Trent. #kilnengineering @kilnengineering @staffordcontrollers #staffordcontroller #kilncontroler

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And progressing

20th Mar 2019

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Last day of winter yesterday..

20th Mar 2019 Last day of winter yesterday.. here is a sunshine to celebrate… basket bowl started.

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