Adrian Sassoon invite to Kate Malone’s Magna Series “The end of 2014 sees the completion of a large building project I have been working on in collaboration with London-based EPR Architects. The brief was to cover the facade of Savile Row, London with ten tousled crystalline -glazed tiles. This has led to eighteen months of painstaking research and a full year of intense production for a large team of skilled makers, The result is a bespoke ceramic faced, tailored for a contempory, sharp -sided building. Thanks to a close working relationship with the architects, my increased awareness of the built environment has had a direct influence on the bots that I have made simultaneously in my studio. The growth of the city and the skyline of the urban landscape have inspired my new Magma series. For thirty years rich fat cursed surfaces, rolling rims and fecund forms with glazes sliding and slipping in rivulets over their slopes have been a delight in my ceramics. Magma with straight lines , angled edges, flat surfaces and the consequent pooling, pulling and dropping of glazes, is a new and different drama. The Magma series is also a logical progression from the Atomic series that I have been making for some years, Atomic pieces interpret microscopic nature in an abstract way, Through applying various spherical forms to my pots, links are made to the miracle of the atom. Bubbles rise, life fizzes and an overall sense of fun and mobile energy swirls around the pot. Works in the Magma series move on from attaching spheres to pots instead playing with cubes and other three-dimensional,crystal forms. Magma interprets nature under the ground,echoing a constantly evolving lava mass that throws out crystals-ever active and ever changing. My signature crystalline glazes also echo this inspiration. The process of firing and cooling my glazed pots literally leads to the growth of beautiful crystals. such crystals are the direct results of the controlled mixing of a cocktail of chemical and elemental ingredients. indeed, i have developed hundreds of recipes after extensive glaze research -much of which we carried out during the Savile Row project. Whilst the ethos and character of a pot, of graft and hand skills remain constant, i am delighted in the sense of the new and the modernity of this series. having created nuts, berries , fruit and vegetable forms in my studio for thirty years it’ all comes as a delightful shock, Which I hope the viewers enjoys as much as much as I have in making this new work. Hooray for clay!”

28th Oct 2016