Ok guys. CALLING ALL FOLLOWERS. just heard the mad decision that the Great Pottery Throw Down will not be recommissioned by the BBC. Yes, mad and not a rational decision by the BBC at all. This is letting down the 3.5 million viewers and licence payers who watched it, it’s a negative move away from the craft making movement that has such good momentum in the UK . Schools, education and communities loved it and the decision is in my eyes a very sad one. They were so wise to commission it and now the possibility is that it will go elsewhere. Watch this spot for more information on how to petition against this decision. Your voices – if you agree- should be loud and clear to the head of programming at the bbc2 that you want it back..please rally everyone you know and make yourselves heard. I’ll be posting more info presently. #bbc2 #thegreatpotterythrowdown #pottery #protest #haveyoursay #programmingbbc2

23rd Jul 2018