So. Today I took a taxi and three trains to finally arrive at #maastricht in Holland for the extra- ordinary #tafaf #tefaf2016 art and antiques fair. This is the most extravagant and excellent showcase I could ever have imagined for my work. I feel honored to exhibit in such a place. Totally world class. Top of the field. Adrian Sassoon has his gallery stand there and tomorrow is the opening day. This is my favorite exhibiting day if the whole year. It is such a large fair it takes two days to see it all. Art and antiques of the highest standard shown to the highest standard. Fingers crossed please for pieces to sell. The forum@of world experts in all the arts fields is here for the next 10 days. #TEFAF HAS BEEN RUNNING FIR SOME 2£ or 28 tears and is something to see if you can. Anyway, I’ll stop being so very excited and get some sleep as tomorrow who knows who I’ll meet or what I’ll see or which pots might sell. My plan is to post three photos a day. One of #adriansassoon exhibition stand, one if a piece if mine on show and one of an inspiring piece at the show. But I may not be able to control myself and may post many more. Watch this spot! #tafaf #bon-voyage #art adventure #art fair #buying art #travel-London @adriansassoon

9th Mar 2016