The great and good and fabulous artist and impresario Andrew Logan has made us a little film about firedupf4.com 🤗🤗🤗 Andrews creativity and presence has been an inspiration to me personally for decades, and here is the great man himself encouraging you all to look at the auction. The website tells all, and if you Choose not to bid on a pot you can press the donate button on the website. Every penny it will help us in our course to get Ceramics to young people. Every child has a spark every child has a talent and it simply needs to be unEarthed …. Ha ha ha I made a pun there. #firedup4clay @firedup4clay www.Firedup4.com @andrewlogan #andrewlogan @andrewloganmuseum @andrewlogangallery #youthzonetv @inspireyouthzone @wiganyz

10th Nov 2020 https://instagr.am/p/CHaRwIanzhp/