Thrilled that the Great Pottery Throwdown is going to have a series 3. Really fabulous news. It feels strange to announce I will NOT be there to judge the fabulous new set of Potters – i think there will be many changes ….. I am handing on the baton of new judge to……….. ……………….🤭🤭🤭🤭well actually it’s not my place to say??????? who ever will it be !!!!!!????? , I know the judging will be in good hands and it will be fabulous. Meantime I will be giving my time working with the extraordinary @onsideyz charity as ceramic ambassador to help spread the pleasure of making ceramics to an even wider, diverse and very deserving audience..good bye Throwdown. Good luck new potters who enter, I’ll be watching it with the rest of you!. Hooray for Clay xxxx

28th Jun 2019