Tonight I’m sitting writting notes and I’m trying to get an early night, and up early so that I’ll be wide awak and informative tomoorow morning… on @bbcwomanshour . Friday13th at 10 untill 11 am GMT (unlucky for some, unlucky for others,Friday 13th !!) I love this programme, it makes up many of my mornings in the studio. And now I have to be focused – which is not my easiest thing for the first half of the day! Wish me luck,and do join me to learn more about @firedup4clay – www.firedup4.com #katemalone #clayconversations #katemalone #arr #education #firedup4 @onsideyz #firedup4clay @makenorthofficial @maakceramics @inspireyouthzone @wiganyz @branch_arts

12th Nov 2020