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A glimpse of the finished pieces. @adriansassoon #adriansassoon will be exhibiting them some time in 2018 so do look out for the full pictures that he and only he will post. These are lamp based In many different black glazes that split and divide to produce greens blues and browns after firing and moving over and down the forms. #crystallineglaze #stonewareglazes #lampbase #blackglazes

15th Dec 2017

Here we go. In the lap of the kiln gods now. Months of work in one box that’s getting hot tonight !!! Ooooh. Have I done everything correctly ? Fingers crossed #kilnfiring #ceramics #crystalline glaze firing #filmsofceramics #ceramicfilms #fingerscrossed

15th Dec 2017

Glazing. The mist crucial part of the process … decision time fir pieces. Light or dark. One colour or many. Insides amd outsides amd edges. All considered in deep seriousness. #glazingceramics #ceramicglazing #ceramics #crystallineglaze #stoneware #stonewarepottery #stonewareceramics

11th Dec 2017

Update from the Studio

5th Dec 2017 RT @katieiacovou: It was lovely to meet @KateMaloneTweet after 20 years of looking at her work in ceramic books. What a treat to see her studio & glaze room😊 https://t.co/l8ZvrXEzuV

Empty mincemeat jars from the guesstimate 800 mince pies my wonderful daughter Scarlet made at the Studio open week end. @scarlett_ooty She rolled and rolled and baked and baked. !!!!! Brilliant week end Thank you everyone who came, to the assistants who worked the extra mile, to @zandra_rhodes for drawing the raffle prizes, to everyone involved. It was such fun. Such a pleasure to celebrate the act of making in such a wonderful space. Thank you husband Graham for building it. #happypotter #ceramics #mincepies #christmascheer#openstudios

4th Dec 2017