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At BBC radio 2 to support Sasha Cox for her 24 hour marathon dance. Text sara05 to 0708 to donate £5 and sara10 to donate £10 for Red Nose Day. Imagine 25 hours dancing. She is a hero #rednoseday #sarahcox #heroes #80’smusic

20th Mar 2017

Being a very proud mum and a happy daughter and Mother’s Day around the corner im looking through past made pots – these Mother and Daughter pots were originally made for offices at the The Old Bailey. Here I’m happy on my skateboard .. a great tool for scooting about at low levels …. carving the Daughter pot of Symbols, whose symbols blossom upwards energising from the base. The mother has the same symbols but smaller, ordered and in reliable lines….. I love my daughter and sense she is just like this pot with symbols of activity, fecundity, hospitality, and friendship, just like my gal Scarlett …. get ready everyone to treat your mums well…. #mother #mothers #bigpot #symbolism #skateboard #daughter

18th Mar 2017

Dropped in on the fab KBJ in his studio on way back from TEFAF In Holland and had fish n chips and catch up tV on ep 6 of the Throw Down. So sad to see Coit and Nam leave ….it is so difficult to make a lidded box and they tried their best. And then there were four!!!! Well done all the potters who are ambassadors and warriors for our field of pottery. So brace and true folk. But what about Clovers global warming stacking pots!!! A triumph indeed. She struggled during the make so much then suddenly ‘got it ‘ and it’s amazing to see that happen in front of our eyes. #pottery #throwdown #keithbrymerjones #russiandolls #workfriends #tvpresenter

13th Mar 2017

My little set of Adventurer’s Club matroyksa appeared on the bbc’s The Great Pottery Throw Down last week. The potter’s weekly challenge was to create their very own set of nesting shapes and my little dolls featured in the segment looking at exemplars alongside some classic dolls, a set of mobile phones and some penguins. After watching the potters battle with the clay to form the set of figures I think I’ll be sticking with wood for my dolls. Watching the show does make you want to try your hand on a potter’s wheel though. It has also really got me thinking about adding some new designs to my collections. Where are my paints? #TheGreatPotteryThrownDown #BBC #KateMalone #keithBrymerJones #SaraCox 📷: @himpdesign

13th Mar 2017

Gold crystal silver pauphery pottery. Aaahhh. My pottery seed mountain made it into the precious cabinet for half an hour today on @adriansassoon gallery stand at TEFAF #tefaf2017 #adriansassoon #precious #materials #gold #silver #ceramics .. Adrian has such a way of putting things together it’s a pleasure to be amongst it all. On my way home tomorrow after the most lovely 4 days ofmeeting people who love art, reflecting on my own work and seeing the other works here which are so very inspiring. Heavenly. #artfaur #exhibition #exhibiting

12th Mar 2017