Selection of Ceramics

A visual scrap book of all the activities, process and products. Select the different categories in the filter for a more concise choice of images.

Decorative Arts

The most personally expressive section of my working practice, my objective is to convey a sense of pleasure in the making and transmit a sense of optimism. Often figurative, more recently abstract, Nature and The 'Life Force' are inspiration and subject. The 1980's was nature of the sea, then in the 90's nature of the land and, most recently under the earths' crust, the 'magma' and crystal formations. Adrian Sassoon is exclusive art dealer for these works. Click here to see works for sale and also look here at his 'Sold Library' archive on his web site for a comprehensive view of the past 20 years works.


Expressing a more abstract side of nature these are inspired by crystal forms and liquid magma in the centre of the earth. My objective is to express a sense of energy in the spirit of nature.


Literally inspired by thinking and learning about the atom, nature at its most essential, these spherical forms give a sense of energy and fun.


Inspired by natural forms and surfaces which are endless in nature. Symbolism is important, for example, a pumpkin is a symbol of fertility and fecundity, and a blackberry is a symbol of tenacity.

Public and Commercial

I enjoy placing work in a community for a community. Often site-specific these are projects, for hospitals, parks, schools, libraries and sometimes commercial ventures. Some projects take years to complete. Most recently I have worked in collaboration with architects EPR. A list of my major commissions can be found on page 6 of my CV by clicking here.
Please contact me directly for new project enquiries.

Savile Row Facade 2011-2015

View the images of 24 Savile Row, commercial project in central London.

Carlton Hill Story Walls 2010-2012

View the images of Carlton Hill, public work for AMEX in Brighton.

Children's Library Wall 2005-2007

View the images of the public work created for the Children's Library Wall, Royal Jubilee Public Library, Brighton

Johns Hopkins Hospital Reception 2011-2012

View the images of public works created for the reception area of the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, USA.

Archived projects of scale since 1990

View the images of all other Public and Commercial Projects of scale created from 1990.

Glazes and Glazing

Glaze has infinite variations. Each different glaze colour and surface is made using a specific recorded recipe of mineral ingredients. I have an archive of literally hundreds of my own recipes, especially stoneware crystalline glazes. This carefully recorded archive feeds and advances all areas of my work. It is a thrill to mix and invent new colours and surfaces. My studio workshop team help me push this research forward on an ongoing and often specific direction - depending on the projects of the moment specific research diretion.