Kate Malone Ceramics and Glaze research expert London, UK


Kate Malone is one of the UK’s leading ceramic artists with an illustrious career spanning over thirty years.

Kate works in three areas with ceramics: Studio Pottery, Public Art and Glaze Research. She has developed an unmistakable and highly regarded style. Kate works from two ceramic studios in Thanet and London.

Observations of nature, its fruits and vegetables and nature in the abstract are the overriding influences in Kate’s work. In addition to her exploration of nature, Kate has spent her career pioneering glazing techniques via research and experimentation in the chemistry of glazing. The sophistication of her glazes has led to some interesting collaborations with prominent architects and designers, working on inspiring public art projects in hospitals, schools, parks and libraries.

The links below take you to Kate’s art dealer, Adrian Sassoon, where you can explore her full CV, past and present exhibitions, works for sale and more.