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Tonight I’m sitting writting notes and I’m trying to get an early night, and up early so that I’ll be wide awak and informative tomoorow morning… on @bbcwomanshour . Friday13th at 10 untill 11 am GMT (unlucky for some, unlucky for others,Friday 13th !!) I love this programme, it makes up many of my mornings in the studio. And now I have to be focused – which is not my easiest thing for the first half of the day! Wish me luck,and do join me to learn more about @firedup4clay – www.firedup4.com #katemalone #clayconversations #katemalone #arr #education #firedup4 @onsideyz #firedup4clay @makenorthofficial @maakceramics @inspireyouthzone @wiganyz @branch_arts

12th Nov 2020

The great and good and fabulous artist and impresario Andrew Logan has made us a little film about firedupf4.com 🤗🤗🤗 Andrews creativity and presence has been an inspiration to me personally for decades, and here is the great man himself encouraging you all to look at the auction. The website tells all, and if you Choose not to bid on a pot you can press the donate button on the website. Every penny it will help us in our course to get Ceramics to young people. Every child has a spark every child has a talent and it simply needs to be unEarthed …. Ha ha ha I made a pun there. #firedup4clay @firedup4clay www.Firedup4.com @andrewlogan #andrewlogan @andrewloganmuseum @andrewlogangallery #youthzonetv @inspireyouthzone @wiganyz

10th Nov 2020 https://instagr.am/p/CHaRwIanzhp/

Firedup4 is up and running. Rich Miller – new judge for the @potterythrow potterythrowdown has a message. He speaks so eloquently about the ideals behind it. Enjoy @richmillerpots @firedup4clay www.Firedup4.com Please do have a look at the website and enjoy the beautiful donations given by the makers themselves. If you’re not able to bid and can donate, there is a donate button on the website. Best wishes to everybody, and so thrilled that this project he’s going ahead despite the current situation. Hooray for Clay.

6th Nov 2020 https://instagr.am/p/CHQ75QiHFvK/

The fab Sara Cox has made us a trailer fir Firedup4. Com. PLEASE DO HAVE A BROWSE on the web site. Maybe you can get a surprise for your loved one at Christmas, maybe you can get yourself a treat, but please rest assured that the money you spend will be going to help young people have the opportunity to try Ceramics. It’s a win-win positive positive fabulous fabulous situation. And the makers, an extraordinary list I’ve been so generous with their time at work. Hurray for Clay #firedup4clay www.firedup4.com.

2nd Nov 2020 https://instagr.am/p/CHF_WyQnGPV/

Visited the Sassoon Viewing Rooms exhibition at Sotheby’s today. A total treat to see the spectrum of work he represents with some old favourites and some new surprises.. I was so excited to be out and about in London I forgot to take many photos!!! I quickly took this funny film as I was being gently ushered out at closing time. Sotheby’s Old Bond Street. Just a week to go. Don’t miss it. Note the funky floor designed by artist Bouke de Vries , extraordinary steel and silver by Junko Mori. @adrian_sassoon_gallery @adriansassoon @sothebys

28th Oct 2020 https://instagr.am/p/CG575VNHkg5/

This is the last week to see @adrian_sassoon_gallery fabulous joint show with @modernitystockholm at 14 Cavendish square To find out more please do visit Adrian Sassoon’s website. There is a link is in my linktree #adriansassoon #modernitystockholm #adrainsassoongallery #modernity #katemalone #tobiasmohl #felicityaylieff #hitomihosono #fineart #design #contemporaryart #ceramics #decorativeart #art #glaze #clay #bowl #handcrafted #firedclay #marylebone #artcollector #exhibition #marylebone

26th Oct 2020 https://instagr.am/p/CG0HbI9Hpgt/