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Building a piece upside down over a former. Bit complex but it intrigues me to see it the other way up … which I won’t do till after the bisc firing. Phew. Lot of team time and care Invested in the separate hollow elements… fingers and toes crossed. #handbuiltpottery #heidimuseumofmodernart #handbuildingceramics #handbuildingwithclay

13th Sep 2019

Lovely kiln and kiln God’s. Lovely rich surface in the same black glaze as the giant pumpkin but very different over detail. ….. packed ready to go to @adriansassoon #blackberry #clayblackberry #handbuiltceramics

5th Sep 2019

Lovely day today making and delivering glazing and having fish and chips with some of my fabulous team down from London to enjoy fresh air and home grown salads. Heaven. #ilovemyjob #handbuildingwithclay @annabarlowceramics @miray_mehmet_fontanelli @schoemanceramics

29th Aug 2019